Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Experience

So obviously this whole pregnancy thing is a new experience for me. It has been so wonderful and exciting! I am so glad and grateful that it has been so smooth sailing for me so far. I never had any morning sickness. My only complaints are being tired, which is better in the 2nd trimester, headaches, leg cramps and heartburn. But even these are not too horrible. I think I feel better now then when I wasn't pregnant. So this last week we found out we are having a little boy! Kylle is so happy to get a little buddy and pass on the family name. I am just excited! Also this week I have really been feeling the baby move around. I thought I could feel something before, but now I know it is definitely the baby. He loves to wiggle around and sit in awkward places that make mommy push on him to get him to move. The other day he was in a weird spot, so I pressed on my tummy and he tapped back! It was so cute! It is still surreal to me that there is a tiny person growing inside me. I have bought a bunch of cute baby boy outfits, and I am already starting to get his room going.At the last doctors appointment they measured a lot of babys parts and the doctor said he is measuring just perfect. I already love this sweet little boy, and we can't wait to meet him! He will be the best Christmas present I ever got!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby News...

So I was looking at my blog and... wow! So much has happened since my last post. A super fast run down.... Well we did IVF a 5th time. I know I said my 4th was the last, but I decided not to give up just yet. Well the 5th cycle failed, but there was one embryo left to be frozen. After 5 cycles this was the first time I ever had any left to be frozen, so yay! But we decided to take a break from fertility treatments and we took the foster care licensing classes, which were great! We also completed all of our adoption paperwork and home study. Then we had to wait... We had to wait for our FBI background checks before our Adoption profile could be posted for potential birth moms to see. They told us it usually took 3-4 months to get back. So meanwhile, a year since our last fertility treatment came up, and we knew that meant we still had a frozen embryo, and we were going to have to start paying a $700 yearly fee for keeping it frozen. So I had to decide... Did I want to pay $700 to keep it frozen for another year, or pay $2500 to have it put back and see if it stuck. Well I decided to see a new doctor. Still in the same practice, just a new person. Well he told me what he thought our problem was (which I had already thought myself, but my other doctor disagreed)... So we had some more testing done, and we found an issue... but there was treatment we could try. So I said ok Doc, lets use that frozen embryo and try out the treatment. So this was IVF number 6. We figured why not since we were still waiting for background checks anyway... A little more than a week after my transfer they took my blood and called me with the results.... I was at school, and it was a day I was working in the kitchen so I couldn't be away long. When the nurse called she said, "So we have some good news for you..." And I'm thinking... hmm what does that mean? She told me my numbers and yep, you're pregnant. I was in complete shock, and I just started sobbing when I called to tell Kylle. I had to get myself together because I had to get back into the kitchen... My first ultrasound was the coolest day ever. We saw a tiny little bean and the baby's heart beat. I was like, there really is something in there? I am 17 weeks now, and I still feel like.... there is a little person in there?? We are so excited!!! Hopefully we will find out the gender next week, and I just can't wait to meet this little person!

Monday, March 8, 2010

IVF Number.... 4?

So this is it, my last chance... I am getting near the end of my 4th and final IVF. The doctor has been stumped with me and decided to take out some of the medications to treat a little more "normal" or average. He says we tried under stimming and over stimming, let's try treating you like a normal 24 year old. So I've been really nervous about it, but today was a pretty good day. I went to the doctor and he saw 16 follicles, and 10 of them are ready now! Yay! I need to look back through my stuff, but I think that is the most I have had. And my estrogen level was 1300! And that is DEFINITELY the highest I've ever had it. So I am still hopeful, and nervous to see what else comes along. Usually we get a lot less eggs than there are follicles, but for me it's not quantity, but quality we are looking for. For whatever reason I just have bad eggs! But there has to be at least one good one!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Late Update...

Well, I took a little break from blogging... from life really... ha ha.. I learned the hard way that I need to trust my gut. I know a lot more about myself then I realize. When I went to my doctor's appointment the first time to check my follicle count, I was worried. And my estrogen level was pretty low... I had this feeling that I should cancel the cycle, and try for more follicles, but in the end, I felt good about proceeding... so I did. My worst fears were confirmed when I woke up from the Anesthesia and the doctor told me they had retrieved 2 eggs. I was pretty loopy, and I was like, did he say 2???? What??? And then I became hysterical... this was NOT good news at all, but at least we have an idea now of what's wrong with me... maybe... Kylle calmed me down, and we made it safely through the next 2 phone calls... First, both of the eggs fertilized... HUGE step!!! and Second, they both made it to day 3 for retrieval.. Both of them were transferred, and well... the next phone call wasn't a good one. Negative blood test. Now, I knew going in to this that it was a gamble... A $12,000.00 gamble to be exact, but I took that gamble, hoping for the best. I have been trying so hard to convince myself that it was worth it, and then a thought came to me... I have spent more money on stupider things... So I don't regret it. Actually the crazy thing is I am ACTUALLY considering doing it again... At first I said, no way... but I really do want a child of my own... maybe I am just being impatient... The doctors haven't found anything really wrong with us, and he even told me last week that it's possible that I could get pregnant on my own still... so maybe I should just be patient, I don't know... My birthday is next week, and ten years ago when asked what I would be doing when I turned 24 my answer was always.. I'll be a mom.. and usually I was a lawyer too... I'm neither of those. I wish I could figure out what I am supposed to be doing. I wish I could start an animal foundation, and save pets that stray away from home. I always see cute little dogs running around neighborhoods, and I feel so bad, I wish I could save them all... I wish I could do something about the sucky insurance coverage for infertility in Nevada. I wish I could just move back east for a little bit, maybe I will... So my goal for right now is to make the most of my skinny body! I'm going to be working with a trainer to get nice and toned, so I will look hot in the bikini that I will NOt be wearing in public... hmph.. And I need to find something to do.. This staying at home thing is getting SOOO boring!! Friday I laid around all day, watched movies, and I did a little laundry. I don't have to do laundry very often anymore because my new washer and dryer wash so many clothes at once! You'd think that would be a good thing... Yes it can wash more... but that also means I have to fold WAY more! Lol... Fold... ha! Like I ever fold any laundry!! You know what's funny? Folding underwear! I know there are lots of people who do that... YOU ARE WEIRD!!! Seriously!? Why fold your underwear? Who cares if it's wrinkled? It's UNDER your clothes!! When we first got married, I put Kylle's underwear in his underwear drawer, and he was like, don't you fold it? I was like... YOU can fold it if you like, but I don't fold underwear!! I fold pants, and towels... that's it. The rest I hang up, or underwear gets thrown in a drawer. I like doing laundry... except for putting the clothes away.. that's kind of a big part I guess. I like doing dishes. The only reason why I need a dishwasher is to dry my dishes. I HATE drying dishes! I am so scatterbrained... A recent discovery of mine is that I really don't have a bad memory at all. Anyone who knows me would say that I have a horrible memory, which I would normally agree with, but then... I realized that my brain does actually work!! The problem is, it stores things in a far away place, and sometimes it takes me extra time to find it. But most things are actually there! Wow! My brain works so fast... I can be thinking about so many things, and one thing leads to another thing, and you have me going from "what my life should be" to "folded underwear"... I will come up with the weirdest things, and Kylle will say, Um.. where did that come from? And then I go backward, and it's soooo crazy! I think I've rambled enough for tonight, but dang, it feels so good to get some of that out. Phew...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Abuela's Picadillo

So I finally got around to uploading a bunch of pictures from my desktop to my IPOD, and I saw these pictures, and just had to make a post. These pictures are from about 3 years ago I guess... One day I decided that I hadn't learned how to make very many Cuban dishes, so I asked my beautiful, Cuban Abuelita to teach me some dishes. This day we made Picadillo, which is a Cuban Stew. It's kind of like a Spaghetti sauce, and you eat it over rice. Well, I am so grateful that we had that time together and now, I know how to make it! My Grandma died one year ago.. It was so sudden and quick, and I miss her so dearly. But I am grateful for all of the things that she did for me. I am grateful for eternal families, and I know that I will see her again one day.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Moving right along..

Well, I have had 2 doctors appointments to check on my growing eggs, and today the doctor saw 8 follicles... so he is hoping to get 5-6 eggs. More would be great. I have to admit, that at first I was a little uneasy about the number, because I was really hoping to get at least 10 eggs, but I still feel good about it, so we are going with it. I have to get my first "butt" shot tonight! Yipee!! But actually I am a little happier about that because the nurse was kind enough to give me a smaller needle! Only 1 inch now instead of 1 and a 1/2. And a half inch makes a HUGE difference! So then my retrieval is set for Thursday! And depending on the eggs, I will have my transfer on either Sunday or the Tuesday after... I'm so nervous, and anxious and excited! I think I am going to schedule a massage for Saturday to help me relax for the transfer... and then I will be on bed rest for at least one day, maybe more... so I'm sure I will have lots of time to update this thing and add some pictures... blogs just don't seem too fun without pictures!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Needles and more needles...

Today was my first doctor's appointment for my IVF cycle. They had to draw blood to make sure my horomones are right, and they did and ultrasound to make sure my ovaries are ready to start growing eggies! The ultrasounds I have to have are not your regular, on the tummy ultrasounds... The doctor uses and wand that has to go... well, you know where... anyways today was an interesting day... Sorry for a little TMI!! I sat back and the ultrasound machine wasn't working, so I had to walk halfway naked to another room... but everything looked great! I am good to start my egg growing medications on Tuesday! Then I will be doing 2 injections a day! One in the morning and one in the evening. So anyways.... after the ultrasound I had to give blood, and I am completely horrible when it comes to giving blood. For some reason, I get light headed after and sometimes I pass out. I can usually feel it coming on though, so I hurry and put my head down. Well, I told them that I pass out, and that I need to lay down when they draw me, so I laid down. One girl came in the room and was getting my arm ready to be poked... My mom was trying to distract me by talking about my doggies, and I felt the poke... waited a little bit, and in a flash it was over. I was relieved, but then the girl told me that she hadn't got any blood, and she was going to try my other arm.... DANG it!! I thought it was over! So she goes to my other arm... same thing... poke... wait, all done! But then she says she still didn't get anything, so she goes to get another nurse! I was so not up for that today! Well, this new girl I have worked with a lot, and we've spent quite a bit of time together... so I was happy to have her, and she got it on the first try! Finally! So that was my fun adventure for today. I also have to add that all these medications are making me a crazy person... Yesterday I yelled at Kylle for the stupidest little things... sorry babe!! I think he understands! It's only going to get worse as I continue to add more medications...